Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor


1 HP (Rated/Running)  –  2 HP (Peak)

4.6 Gallon Twin Steel  Tank


3.80 CFM @ 40 PSI             2.35 CFM @ 90 PSI


Ultra Quiet  –  Only 60 decibles View Video below –  (turn up your speakers)



Oil-Free – Cleaner air for better tool operation. Less maintanance.

Two pressure control gauges

Two universal quick connectors

116 PSI  Maximun Pressure

110v / 60 hz   –  7.6 Amps

Tank fill rate 125 Seconds

The GMC SYCLONE 4610 Air Compressor is designed to have a pump life cycle of

3000 Plus hours compared to other comparable air compressors with life cycles of 500 hours or less.

GMC Syclone Air Compressor Owner’s Manual R-4-11
Syclone Catalog (PDF-23 Megs)


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